About the Daimler Lanchester Club of Victoria

Formed in 1972, the Daimler Lanchester Club of Victoria (DLCV) is one of four such clubs in Australasia, there being similar organisations in New South Wales, Western Australia and New Zealand. The Victorian club accepts membership applications from all states, although there is a nominal split-up of states between the existing clubs, which sees Victoria also covering Tasmania, and New South Wales covering Queensland. In South Australia, the Jaguar Drivers Club has a Daimler Register to cater for local owners.


It will be noted that the Victorian club’s name avoids any reference to ‘owners’ or ‘drivers’ the DLCV welcomes all supporters of the Daimler, Lanchester and BSA marques, regardless of their ownership status. Current membership stands at over 160.


The DLCV maintains an extensive library of handbooks, workshops manuals, brochures, road tests, contemporary advertisements and other literature, which form the basis of a copying service for members. The club’s main function, however, is as a social network and source of technical advice and hands-on assistance.

Club meetings

Second Friday of every month at 8pm, except January.

More Information

President, Michael Pringle

president [at] daimlerclubvictoria.org.au


Membership, Michael Pringle
membership [at] daimlerclubvictoria.org.au

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